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The Raven Haired Girl


Bobby met Angie 52 years ago in a poor neighborhood in Indianapolis. It was love at first sight. For a few short months, their relationship blossomed into love. They were in love but didn’t know how to be in love because they were only fourteen years old.


Then the breakup came in a most mysterious way and Bobby tried to forget the young girl and her shimmering eyes. He saw Angie only rarely in the aftermath of their love affair and he couldn’t understand what was wrong as he struggled to live a normal life without her.


After 52 years, Bobby has decided to take a journey into the past to rediscover what he had lost. Once he remembers the events of their breakup, he realizes that he must talk to Angie. Where is she? What happened to her?




© 2016 Robert Villegas.  All Rights Reserved.


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