The Libertarian Party versus Liberty


The Libertarian Party first emerged into political prominence with the election of 1980. After a decade of near obscurity, they became better known because of Ronald Reagan who had indicated his affinity for free markets. This was also the year when Ronald Reagan was elected President. It is thought by many that Reagan’s economic policies most closely resembled those of libertarians. But this was not true. Still, even now, many people think that the libertarian movement is a distinctly American movement fostering liberty and “American values”. On the contrary, the Libertarian Party is merely faux American in principle.


This book is intended to clarify the ideas of the libertarian movement which originally put itself forward as an extension of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Ms. Rand disagreed vociferously with libertarianism and strove to distance herself, her philosophy and her followers from the movement. Her view was that America needed a new philosophy of man not a distinctly political movement such as “libertarianism”.




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