The Conservative's Dilemma


I wrote this book to ask some important questions:


1. Will we become again a free people, deciding as individuals the direction of our lives or will we continue to be herded into groups and classes to be favored or rejected by a ruling elite?


2. Will we be free to start businesses, earn profits and keep those profits or will we be enslaved in order to feed the government as it advances social engineering and corporatist (cronyist) schemes?


3. Will we pay high taxes of low taxes?


4. Will we be allowed to participate in our own lives or be mindless slaves to the wishes of others?


5. Will we trust our government to defend our rights or fear our government for its high handed practices, its coercion, its ever-changing decrees?


6. Will our money be strong and purchase a large array of fine products to improve our lives or will it be stolen and put into the coffers of financial thieves in the treasury and Cayman Islands?


7. Who are the villains today; the hard working people who want better lives and enjoyment or the government that wants us to sacrifice for the sake of those who have no desire to work?


8. Will we be a society of people who earn money through production or through standing in protest lines to further government re-distribution?


9. And finally, will the conservatives save our country from dictatorship and decline?




© 2016 Robert Villegas.  All Rights Reserved.


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