The Battle of the Sexes


In my book, Behind the Ritual Mask, I introduced the concept of cultural paradigms and identified three basic paradigms that were created by religion. In that book, I pointed out that these cultural paradigms displace reason as the methods for defining action. As a result of these paradigms and their imposition by religious institutions and government, mankind has been led down the road of altruism, collectivism and the good/evil split which desecrate the value of the individual and his life. In my research for this book, I learned about a fourth, equally important, cultural paradigm that represented a lost religion as distinguished from those that have come down to us. This religion, although buried in pre-history, is still being practiced today as an underground cultural paradigm. It is called The Battle of the Sexes.


How is it that people can practice a religion and not know it? They do it by engaging in ritual activities that have lost their connection to their sources in pre-history. We get a glimpse of the religion when we analyze patterns and themes in the available literature.




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