The Age of Selfishness


There are two reasons why someone might pick this book and read it. First, the reader might think the title implies a view about how selfishness harms modern society. By this view, you might want to learn how man’s acquisitive nature causes him to devastate the lives of others. You may want to know about pride, greed and profit-seeking in order to convince yourself that the problems in our world are due to selfish actions.


Or secondly, you might want to investigate the conflicting views about man’s nature as a being of action. You may seek to learn about what is wrong in this world and learn about how selfishness is involved. You may even be wondering what all the fuss is about; why do people hate and discriminate against pride and selfishness?


This book is written for the second person, not the first. It is written as a declaration for selfishness. I would actually like to see men “convert” to making the coming years a new “Age of Selfishness” that inaugurates a new age of living




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