Alcoholism and Addiction – A Secular Ten-Step Program


The ideas in this book provide a secular approach to addiction that is founded on real values that the individual identifies for himself. This departs from the traditional religious views that impose altruism as a prime value. According to the traditional view, the individual's prime value should be other people and serving them – it should not be about the individual. The author challenges this view.


Mr. Villegas wrote this book to help develop a new model for people trapped in the cycle of addiction. It is his view that the religious premises of the current Alcoholics Anonymous organization must be re-considered. As he made his journey through substance abuse, he had the opportunity to observe these premises and judged them as defective because they didn’t relate to the addict's life and circumstances. As a consequence, he had to develop a different path that worked for him. This new path is presented in this book.




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